Raw Fermentation at Home
Discover how truly alive food can be.  Learn the delicious and vibrant art of raw fermentation, for probiotic packed food and drinks

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I have purchased quite a few of Russell’s online classes. Actually I think I own nearly all of  them.

Love them All! Whatever Russell does is First class,
but  simple and easy to follow that even a child can watch and learn. Very practical for every day Raw ideas to get you started.

I have been very happy with my purchases & I feel it is an investment in your health so  make it delicious with the help of “The Raw Chef” .

- G. Roels
My husband and I started juicing last year for health and weight reasons. Since then we have been inspired by my sister in law to look at food in a different way. Goodness me what an eye opener.
After booking on to your raw cooking course I have found that this style of eating is so full of flavor and so tasty. My taste buds just explode with the deliciousness of raw food.

- Denise